Coastal Style



Some of the key elements of Coastal design are:

Relaxed and unfussy

Coastal life is comfortable, relaxed and unfussy and interiors in this style reflect these attributes.

It’s all about casually arranged furnishings in simple, natural and durable textiles and surfaces. Upholstered pieces dressed in slipcovers in linens, cottons or denims reflect the casual laid back mood of this style.

Oversized armchairs and sofas work well with this style as do distressed wooden coffee tables and woven wicker stools.



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Colours that reflect the coast

Clear blues, sea greens, creamy whites and beige all reflect the hues of the sand and water.

In relation to wood tones, greyish tone woods such as ash or whitewashing and pickling woods are the perfect accompaniment to this style.


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Nautical Accents

Nautical accents don’t need to be overdone, a few well-chosen touches such as shells, coral, driftwood and sea creatures add to the authenticity of this look.


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Natural Light

Coastal interiors are bright and cheerful.

Many windows to bring in the sunlight to reflect off of the pale colour palette is a key to this style.




Window Treatments

Light, sheer curtains, rattan or wooden blinds or linen Roman shades will all work well and allow for adequate breezy airflow.


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