Scandinavian Style

Some of the key elements of Scandinavian design are:

Start with a clean slate

A common theme of all the fabulous Nordic homes we love is their simplicity.

Strip your room back to basics to achieve a blank canvas that you can begin layering with furniture and décor.

White walls

We know, we know… painting can be such a pain! But if you really want to commit to the Scandinavian interior style, you won’t regret giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.

Bright white with occasional grey feature walls seem to be the recipe for success.

Clean lines

Anything clean line, simple, timber or with light upholstery is generally workable — you’ll be amazed at what a new throw and fresh cushions can do for a sofa.

In a kitchen this can be achieved with square lines and handle-less cabinetry.

Sharp edges on benchtops and waterfall benchtops (as seen below) fit perfectly with Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Kitchen

As can be seen in the kitchen below (built by Prestige Kitchens & Cabinets), custom made furniture can flow through into other rooms to continue the Scandinavian theme throughout your dining/living space.

Stunning Scandinavian inspired kitchen created by Prestige Kitchens & Cabinets.               Custom built cabinetry by Prestige Kitchens & Cabinets follows through from the kitchen & dining area into the family room.

Layers, layers, layers

Once you’re set on your furniture, add interest and warmth through layering. Sheepskin or natural material (linen, cotton or wool knit) throws and cushions in various textures are a must!

The best Scandi interiors mix up the textures of layers to create interest — think cowhide rug, linen throw, knitted cushions, sheepskin and maybe even a velvet cushion or two.

Mixing of textures creates interest and warmth.

Black and white wall art

Blackand white wall art is another staple of a Scandinavian interior.

Rest artwork against a wall, along a shelf or hang a cluster on the wall, there no one way of doing it right!

Black and white wall art is a staple of scandinavian style.                         Leaning wall art against the wall and in a cluster looks fantastic.


Look for décor and soft furnishings that play on geometry. Lighting, accessories or a tiled splashback can be a great way to introduce geometry into a kitchen.

Geometric light fittings in timber are stunning.  They could be hung in a cluster at different heights.          Geometry can be introduced through a tiled splashback.

Geometric shape vases in greys and pastels compliment this style.

Soft splashes of colour

While blacks, whites and greys dominate Scandi interiors, they’re not all monochromatic.

Blush pinks and icy blues, muted greens and even yellows all suit this style — what’s important is to keep it restrained, adding colour through cushions, throws, rugs and decorative pieces.

Splashback is a great way to introduce a pop of colour.                Pastels compliment the soft grey tones beautifully.

Timber accents

Light, natural timbers are another must-have in a Scandi interior. You may already have timber accents in your home with exposed beams or timber shelving.

If not, look at adding a few pops of timber — it will add warmth and an organic texture — such as a wooden stool or the oh-so-popular timber and leather strap shelving.

Timber accessories against the white really pop.               A cost effective shelf - timber plank with leather strapping

Bring in the greenery

It’s rare you’ll see a Scandinavian interior without an indoor plant. Perhaps it’s because of the climate or maybe just because they’ve got great style!

Bring in the greenery

Light it up

Floor lamps, table lamps, candle holders and loads of natural light — look at any way you can bring light into your home!

There are so many Scandi lighting options available — from exposed bulbs to intricate timber pendants, droplet lights to grasshopper floor lamps.

Unevenly hung bulb lighting works well with style.               Beautiful timber lighting

Simple window treatments

Keeping with the theme of light, you want to allow as much natural light as possible into your Scandi style home. Keep all window fixtures simple, modern and minimalistic.

Keep window treatments simple              Simple blinds

Floor rug

As you know the Scandi style is all about layering and this applies to the floor too. Few Scandi rooms are without a floor rug (you’ll even see them in the kitchen!) so look at what works in your space.

Few scandinavian rooms are without a rug.             

The final edit

We started with a reminder about keeping things simple and now that you’ve come to the end of creating your Scandinavian interior, it’s time to do a final edit.

Have you gone too far? Added too much? Do all the colours work?

Less is more so look at removing any pieces that don’t work or make the space feel cluttered.





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